CumuLogic Launches Cloud Services Platform to Nebula, Cloudscaling IaaS Clouds

CumuLogic Launches Cloud Services Platform to Nebula, Cloudscaling IaaS Clouds

CumuLogic is now making its Cloud Services Platform available on Nebula and Cloudscaling IaaS clouds to bring AWS-style cloud services to OpenStack users.

CumuLogic is launching its Cloud Services Platform software suite on Nebula and Cloudscaling IaaS clouds. The vendor announced at OpenStack Summit last week that its platform was now available those two OpenStack-based clouds, which brings Amazon Web Services (AWS)-style cloud services to OpenStack customers.

Previously, CumuLogic launched its PaaS on HP Cloud Services with the intention of speeding adoption of Java-based applications on the cloud. The company is also no stranger to the OpenStack world. More than a year ago, CumuLogic extended its Java PaaS to OpenStack clouds after scoring initial successful as a Java platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider on Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) EC2.

The CumuLogic Cloud Services Platform was designed to help enterprises leverage public cloud resources at the same they maintain a consistent deployment environment across on-premise clouds. The platform currently works with Essex, Folsom and Grizzly OpenStack releases.

"CumuLogic's platform is an ideal solution for developers running on Open Cloud System that want a flexible and composable cloud services experience. CumuLogic database-as-a-service, PaaS and Elastic Cache for large-scale web applications fit well with a significant segment of our customer base," said Randy Bias, co-founder and CTO of Cloudscaling, in a prepared statement. "The integration of metering and billing systems is another layer of simplicity and convenience for our customers who require a range of capabilities in one product."

For cloud providers, CumuLogic is working to create opportunities whereby they can offer private label services on OpenStack IaaS clouds. CumuLogic's cloud services include database-as-a-service, PaaS, Elastic Cache and Elastic Load Balancer, all of which work together to give cloud providers flexibility in developing cloud deployment strategies for their customers.

"Enterprise users now have an integrated, turnkey IaaS and cloud services environment to simplify cloud application development, deployment, and management," said Chris C. Kemp, co-founder and CEO of Nebula, in a prepared statement.

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