Bjoern Goerke executive vice president of products and innovation technology at SAP

Bjoern Goerke, executive vice president of products and innovation technology at SAP

SAP Commits to Cloud Foundry, OpenStack Open Source

SAP looks like it's aiming to become a more open source-focused company. The vendor has announced sponsorship for both Cloud Foundry and OpenStack at OSCON this week.

SAP (SAP) took the opportunity this week at O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) to unveil two new partnerships that the vendor's presence in the cloud computing open source community. SAP unveiled sponsorship of both Cloud Foundry and the OpenStack Foundation.

SAP's dive into open source may seem a little at odds with the old SAP, but apparently the company's executives have become fans of open source projects, particularly those related to the cloud. Known mostly over the decades for proprietary, on-premise software, SAP has been making inroads into both public and private cloud in recent years. And through that, it has gained a greater interest in open source technology.

The sponsorship of the Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service (PaaS) project comes seven months after SAP announced code contribution to the project, as well as the availability of a Cloud Foundry service broker for SAP HANA, its in-memory computing platform.

As noted on our sister site, The VAR Guy, SAP will act as an active consumer within the OpenStack community and make contributions to the open source code base. According to the vendor, SAP's contributions will be focused on enhancing OpenStack for managing enterprise clouds.

"The developer and open source community are key to breakthrough technology innovation," said Bjoern Goerke, executive vice president of Products and Innovation technology at SAP, in a prepared statement. "Through the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack initiatives, as well as new developer tools, SAP deepens its commitment to the developer community and enables them to innovate and code in the cloud."

Those developer tools Goerke spoke of include SAP HANA Answers, a knowledge hub for developers that provides access to HANA information as it relates to cloud, as well as the beta release of SAP River RDE as part of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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