CumuLogic Takes DBaaS Platform to OpenStack Icehouse

CumuLogic Takes DBaaS Platform to OpenStack Icehouse

CumuLogic is bringing its database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform to OpenStack Icehouse so enterprises and cloud providers can deliver production-ready database services.

CumuLogic is extending its database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform to OpenStack Icehouse, the latest release of the open source cloud system. The company hopes to expand its capabilities and its customer base with the newly announced support.

As CumuLogic noted, the announcements will bring Amazon RDS-compatible DBaaS workloads to OpenStack Icehouse users. And for the open source cloud community, it's a good addition, and at launch, many of CumuLogic's partners and customers are hailing the expansion as a good thing for both public and private clouds.

"By adding support for OpenStack Icehouse, CumuLogic's DBaaS platform offers its users a powerful option for deploying MongoDB in a fully automated manner inside the firewall," said Matt Asay, vice president of Business Development and Marketing at MongoDB, in a prepared statement. "We are pleased to be working with CumuLogic to help further simplify the developer experience through self-service and highly scalable MongoDB provisioning services."

CumuLogic already supports OpenStack, and according to the company, this integration will provide Icehouse users with a DBaaS offering that can deliver production-ready database services to their applications in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The company also noted that its cloud-based databased service works with Essex, Folsom, Grizzly and Havana releases.

According to the company, the DBaaS offering is currently being used by telecommunications firms, cloud providers and enterprises.

CumuLogic has been building out its DBaaS offering and its support for OpenStack over the last few generations of the cloud platform software. And according to some companies, DBaaS is becoming even more vital to their customers.

"Offering database-as-a-service is absolutely key to being successful with a cloud environment," said Michael Basnight, principal engineer at Rackspace and former PTL of OpenStack Trove, in a prepared statement. "Users have come to expect self-service, scalable and fully managed database services from their cloud providers. Adding support for OpenStack's Icehouse release will allow CumuLogic's customers to quickly implement DBaaS in their private cloud environment."

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