VMware Virtual Data Center Provider Bluelock Opens Las Vegas Facility Photo by Udo Wolter. Licensed under Creative Commons.

VMware Virtual Data Center Provider Bluelock Opens Las Vegas Facility

Bluelock, a VMware partner that provides virtual data centers hosted in the public cloud, has expanded its reach with a new data center in Sin City.

The cloud landscape just got a little bit bigger. VMware (NYSE: VMW) vCloud Datacenter-certified partner Bluelock, which provides virtual data centers in the public cloud to its customers, has opened a new data center facility in Las Vegas.

Focused on providing its services to enterprises, Bluelock looks to continue to scale out and build up its business with the launch of the new Sin City location. Oddly enough, the middle of the desert is a common place to open data centers. Despite the heat of the day, the cool air at night helps to chill the data center and provides a good, secure location for businesses. The accessibility (and the fact just about every tech business goes through its various hotels at some point each year) doesn't hurt, either.

The new center expands Bluelock's own geographic footprint, which the company said is likely to continue growing. Pat O'Day, Bluelock's CTO, noted in a prepared statement that the new Vegas data center creates a stronger coast-to-coast presence, as well as globally.

"As more companies begin to compete in the global marketplace, access to technology resources is critical to efficiently deliver applications and services to a broad customer base," O'Day said.

Aimed at both IT departments or professional organizations and a horizontal group of businesses, Bluelock Virtual Datacenters are based on VMware vCloud Director. They're designed to take just minutes to set up, which gives enterprises and IT pros a quick way to spin up a new virtual data center. Additionally, users can build new virtual machines from public and private catalogs of VM templates, and can also upload VMs they already have running in their own environments.

This fits well into the growth of IaaS services, which Gartner has called the fastest-growing of the public cloud services segment.

Bluelock's new Las Vegas data center is a Tier 4, SSAE Type II and SOC3-compliant facility that will serve customers in the United States and abroad.

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