Intermedia President Michael Gold says the company will continue with its partnerfirst approach

Intermedia President Michael Gold says the company will continue with its partner-first approach.

Intermedia Adds Several New Program Enhancements

Intermedia has implemented several new enhancements to its partner programs. Here are the details.

Intermedia says it has added several new enhancements to its partner program to help drive business to channel partners.

Announced on Tuesday, the partner program additions include increased advisor commissions, an Extended Not-For-Resale (NFR) program, a new incentive for private label deals and a pledge from the New York City-based cloud IT services provider.

To assist channel partners with monthly recurring revenue (MRR), Intermedia said it's adding a one-time commission of two times MRR on all data services sold by its advisors. Additionally, for a special introductory period, this data commission will be increased to three times MRR.

Intermedia has now opened its NFR program to advisors in addition to private label partners. Additional services are now available under this program, the company said.

For a limited time only, Intermedia said all new customer accounts on privae label deals will receive one month for free.

As far as the company's new pledge, there's some good news for channel partners. Intermedia is now implementing a "no-compete" pledge backed by more stringent policies.

Intermedia President Michael Gold told Talkin' Cloud that the company's partner advisory council helped make these enhancements a reality.

To help drive more business to channel partners, Intermedia is also "providing monetary incentives to employees to drive business to partners."

"We’re investing more in our platform, our capabilities for white-label, we’re improving the breadth of our partner program (such as our Advisor program), we’re improving compensation to enhance the economics of doing business with Intermedia, and we’re investing in helping our partners market and sell services," Gold said.

Intermedia said it's also in the process of developing a new referral model to drive more business to its channel partners. Gold said the company is planning to formally unveil this program at some point later in the year.

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