IBM Security Services General Manager Kris Lovejoy says clients are demanding more from cloud security

IBM Security Services General Manager Kris Lovejoy says clients are demanding more from cloud security.

IBM Targets DDoS Attacks With Cloud-based Web Security Partnership

IBM steps protection up against web-based DDoS attacks through a partnership that integrates Akamai Technologies-developed cloud-based web security Kona Site Defender.

IBM (IBM) is stepping up its protection against web-based distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks through a partnership with a cloud-based web security provider.

IBM plans to integrate its Cloud Security Services portfolio with Kona Site Defender, a cloud-based web security solution developed by Akamai Technologies, Inc. to protect customers from DDoS attacks.

Both companies will share business intelligence insights to assist with security monitoring.

IBM Security Services General Manager Kris Lovejoy said clients are demanding more from cloud security, asking for it to be strengthened.

"Together with Akamai, IBM can provide both proactive and reactive DDoS protection from the increasing frequency, scale and sophistication of these attacks," she said.

The combined software analytics and cloud security services solution provides DDoS through the following spectrum of services:

  • Preparation -- development of readiness plans and response protocols.
  • Mitigation -- proactively stop attacks before they affect clients’ networks.
  • Monitoring -- monitor network traffic, DDoS alerts, and the real-time health of IT resources.
  • Response -- trained response experts on standby to assist with attacks; to contain, eradicate, recover and identify primary and secondary attacks.
  • Intelligence -- deliver insights on internet threat conditions and provide real-time DDoS metrics.

DDoS attacks are mainly focused on the disruption of web-based assets such as company home pages, e-commerce sites and web-based cloud services.

IBM recently reported that its Q3 2013 cloud revenues exceeded $1 billion, of which $460 million involved cloud services.

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