Electric Cloud CEO Steve Brodie says quotevery business is a software businessquot

Electric Cloud CEO Steve Brodie says "every business is a software business."

Electric Cloud Launches New Products for Continuous Delivery

Electric Cloud announces a couple of new products for continuous delivery. Here's what's new.

Electric Cloud is rolling out new products to help drive the adoption and scale of continuous delivery.

The San Jose, California-based software production management company on Wednesday announced the launch of two new products: ElectricFlow and ElectricAccelerator Huddle.

ElectricFlow is designed to power continuous delivery at scale, the company said. It features a new deployment automation application that automates and standardizes software deployments throughout the delivery process.

Electric cloud said ElectricAccelerator Huddle is free and aims to accelerate software builds and tests for development teams. It taps into "unused desktop CPU capacity within a peer-to-peer group of developers to reduce cycle times.

"We believe that every business is a software business -- or needs to become one in a hurry," Electric Cloud CEO Steve Brodie said in a statement.

"Regardless of whether their applications are deployed to a website, mobile device or car, keeping software in a release-ready state at all times -- the very definition of continuous delivery -- is critical to remaining agile, and meeting customer demands," he said.

Additionally, the company is working on several community building innitiatives, including a Continuous Delivery Fitness Model, the DevOps Enterprise: The DevOps, Agile and Continuous Delivery Transformation Summit and the Continuous Delivery Thought Leader Network and Technology Alliance.

Electric Cloud in May said it will be moving to an 18,600-square-foot building in downtown San Jose, California -- located on the corner of South Market and Post streets.

The company also recently secured an additional $4 million of funding from its current group of investors, bringing the total raised to $29.6 million.

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