Spiceworks cofounder and CEO Scott Abel said Dropbox has been praised within the Spiceworks community as one of its highestrated cloud services

Spiceworks co-founder and CEO Scott Abel said Dropbox has been praised within the Spiceworks community as one of its highest-rated cloud services.

Dropbox, Spiceworks Integration Focuses On SMB Cloud Concerns

Channel partners leveraging the free IT management platform Spiceworks have a new cloud integration to put to use. Spiceworks recently partnered with Dropbox to deliever a possible solution for small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners concerned with the cloud.

IT management platform Spiceworks is partnering with Dropbox to help small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners that are concerned with how their employees are using the service.. To assist SMBs with Dropbox, Spiceworks is offering an integration to monitor Dropbox use and shared and downloaded Dropbox documents from within the Spiceworks platform.  IT professionals can also assign help desk tickets to individual Dropbox accounts, whenever employees are in need of assistance. Here's what you need to know

Spiceworks Cloud Services and Software Category Manager Jonathan Sass told MSPmentor in an email that IT professionals can integrate Dropbox accounts with Spiceworks by accessing the application's Cloud Services section and inputting the appropriate login credentials.   

"Once they've done this, Spiceworks will allow them to see files storage/shared within the account, monitor space, see what percentage of space is shared vs personal space, and allow employees to open help desk tickets related to the account if they're having problems," he said. "The integrations we've completed help IT departments reduce the number of consoles and interfaces they need to visit in order to manage the cloud services they and their employees are using."

Spiceworks' CEO pointed to the productivity gains that can be enabled through the integration.

"Through this partnership, we are helping simplify how companies store their information so employees can be more productive and IT departments can manage a popular service like Dropbox directly from Spiceworks," said Spiceworks co-founder and CEO Scott Abel in a prepared statement. "Dropbox is one of the highest-rated cloud services in Spiceworks, so we're excited to integrate this service more tightly into the Spiceworks experience."

Dropbox isn't the only company working more closely with Spiceworks.  Mozy and Carbonite have made recent cloud backup moves with Spiceworks, integrating with the network. Other custom integrations include Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) Cloud and Email, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Office 365, and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Apps.

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