Colorado Floods: Can Cloud Backup Save Business Data?

Colorado Floods: Can Cloud Backup Save Business Data?

Amid the Colorado floods of 2013, cloud backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services are the norm for many local MSPs (managed services providers). But how much data is really protected across Colorado businesses?

Amid the Colorado Floods, it seems clear that some businesses and on-premises data could be lost forever. Also, some roads have been washed away, which will make on-site technology support difficult in the days ahead. Still, I suspect a healthy number of businesses across Colorado now leverage cloud storage, backup and business continuity services from MSPs that serve the region.

A prime example: Peter Melby, president of Greystone Technology Group, an MSP in the Fort Collins, Colo., area, told MSPmentor: "The two biggest challenges we are experiencing are transportation and power. With roads closed or destroyed we have limited onsite capabilities in some areas so we are definitely in a situation where proactive support is necessary."

Melby mentioned that his company leverages SpamSoap (a cloud-based email security and business continuity service) to keep customer communications flowing.

Also Anchor Network Solutions -- an MSP in Denver -- leverages Datto, which offers cloud and on-premises backup appliances. So far, Anchor has not had to declare any disasters during the Colorado flooding. CEO Vince Tinnirello told MSPmentor that Denver businesses are holding up well amid the recent weather issues.

Following last year's Hurricane Sandy, the popularity of cloud-based backup and business continuity services skyrocketed across the North Eastern United States. During this week's Datto Partner Conference, CEO Austin McChord told attendees that Sandy was a defining moment for the cloud-focused business continuity market.

It sounds like the Colorado floods could be another defining moment...

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