WatchDox Chief Product Officer Ryan Kalember says the company is extending its security and productivity features across platforms

WatchDox Chief Product Officer Ryan Kalember says the company is extending its security and productivity features across platforms.

WatchDox Brings Security to Google Drive With New Cloud Content Connectors

WatchDox welcomes competing apps to its platform through a new offering for customers. Here are the details.

WatchDox is betting on its platform's layer of security to stand out from other competing cloud-based storage services, such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

The Palo Alto, California-based file-sync-and-share company on Monday announced the availability of Cloud Content Connectors, a way for customers to access and share files across platforms from behind a single dashboard. To simplify, WatchDox is going with the "if you can't beat them, join them" approach -- except WatchDox is more like partnering with them instead of joining them.

Take Google Drive, for instance. WatchDox Cloud Content Connector for Google Drive allows users to send a file to any recipients using "WatchDox data-centric protections" from the WatchDox dashboard.

This is where WatchDox adds a kicker: its security. WatchDox only allows one-way traffic from Google Drive into WatchDox. It believes its platform provides enterprises with a layer of security superior to its competitors.

"Today’s enterprise users create, share and store content across multiple platforms and repositories, but not all services meet enterprise security or productivity needs," WatchDox Chief Product Officer Ryan Kalember said in a statement.

"WatchDox Cloud Content Connectors provide a single pane of glass to access and secure all enterprise content, whether a file sits in Google Drive, on a network file share or on a desktop," he said. "This not only creates productivity efficiencies, it also enhances existing content security with our data-centric protections."

WatchDox said its Cloud Content Connectors also provides customers with secure external sharing; mobile productivity; and syncing.

The company said the Google Drive connector will be generally available soon. It did not, however, give an estimated time of arrival. After the release, the company expects to provide additional services.

As far as funding, WatchDox has raised $35.8 million since 2008.

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