Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe says innovation that works is key when it comes to cloud computing

Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe says innovation that works is key when it comes to cloud computing.

Spanning Cloud Apps Launches Salesforce1 Mobile App

Spanning Cloud Apps is targeting Salesforce administrators with its Spanning Backup for Salesforce1 Mobile app offering. Here are the details.

Spanning Cloud Apps wants to help (CRM) administrators with protecting Salesforce1 customers from data loss.

The Austin, Texas-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) backup company on Wednesday unveiled Spanning Backup for Salesforce1 Mobile, a new mobile app for Salesforce administrators looking to manage and monitor automated backups and restore activities within the Salesforce platform.

The company said the new product offering allows Salesforce administrators to monitor the statuses of backups; track activities; and receive proactive udates for backup and recovery activities.

"Salesforce is investing heavily in mobile, and Spanning wants to be an integral part of the Salesforce ecosystem," Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe told Talkin' Cloud in an interview.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce1 Mobile is now generally available to anyone who downloads the Spanning Backup for Salesforce solution from the Salesforce AppExchange.

"When it comes to cloud computing, innovation that works is key," Erramouspe said. "Every time Spanning adds significant capabilities to our products, we make it easier for our channel partners to sell those products."

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