Red Hat Global Sales and Services EVP Arun Oberoi says the acquisition can be a gamechange for organizations leveraging OpenStack

Red Hat Global Sales and Services EVP Arun Oberoi says the acquisition can be a game-change for organizations leveraging OpenStack.

Red Hat to Acquire eNovance for $95M

Red Hat is acquiring eNovance for $95 million. Here are the details.

Red Hat (RHT) is continuing its acquisition quest, purchasing a French company known for its role in open source cloud computing. 

The Raleigh North Carolina-based open-source software company on Wednesday said it has agreed to acquire eNovance, a cloud hosting and managing services provider, to satisfy the growing demand for OpenStack consulting, design and deployment.

To do this, Red Hat will leverage eNovance’s systems integration capabilities and engineering talent, the company said.

Red Hat said it will acquire eNovance for $95 million, paying out roughly $68 million (€50 million) in cash and approximately $27 million (€20 million) in shares of Red Hat common stock.

Red Hat Global Sales and Services Executive Vice President Arun Oberoi said in a statement the acquisition can be a game-changer for organizations leveraging OpenStack.

"eNovance is a world-class cloud computing services provider with a proven track record of successful global deployments," he said.

eNovance specializes in integrating and operating public and private open source clouds and 24/7 managed services for public clouds.

Red Hat and eNovance first partnered in 2013 to deliver OpenStack implementation and integration services to joint customers.

This acquisition follows Red Hat's acquisition of Inktank for $175 million in April.

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