Virtustream Chief Marketing Officer Simon Aspinall

Virtustream Chief Marketing Officer Simon Aspinall

Virtustream Adds Enterprise Risk Management, OpenStack Support

Virtustream today announced xStream 3.0, a new version of its cloud management platform (CMP) software.

Cloud services provider (CSP) Virtustream has launched a new version of its xStream software, a private and hybrid cloud management solution.

The new release, xStream 3.0, includes enterprise risk management capabilities and allows users to provision, run and manage VMware (VMW) and OpenStack workloads in the same interface, according to the company.

Virtustream noted xStream 3.0 brings security and compliance automation to hybrid, private and public cloud management.

The software now includes xStream Application Management Framework (a.k.a. "xStream AppDirector"), which "allows streamlined integration in the cloud for packaged and custom applications."

Other xStream 3.0 features include:

  • New billing options
  • New data protection policies
  • Predictive analytics

xStream is a cloud management platform (CMP) software that is designed for enterprise, government and service provider customers.

Virtustream said xStream is built on its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud and enables users to migrate and run mission-critical, production applications.

"Hybrid cloud environments are the future of enterprise computing, but moving to the cloud is a complex transition," Virtustream Chief Information Officer Van Williams said in a prepared statement. "The xStream CMP software allows enterprises to manage and run any mix of legacy applications and new open source applications within a single cloud environment with ease and efficiency."

Simon Aspinall, Virtustream's chief marketing officer, told Talkin' Cloud he believes the addition of OpenStack support is key.

"There's a lot of people experimenting with OpenStack, and we have it under a single frame," Aspinall said. "OpenStack support is a great addition."

Aspinall said Virtustream plans to extend its global reach and is in the process of opening four new offices.

He noted Virtustream will continue to focus on specialization and virtualization worldwide.

"The growth rates around the cloud are interesting," Aspinall said. "There's a lot of demand for cloud services worldwide. We've seen interest in national-level clouds, and we're going to continue to drive more specialization and virtualization."

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