ATampT Business Solutions CEO Andy Geisse

AT&T Business Solutions CEO Andy Geisse

HP Joins AT&T's Network-Enabled Cloud Ecosystem

AT&T (T) today announced its customers will be able to use their Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to connect to HP's (HPQ's) cloud services.

AT&T (T) today announced it has added HP (HPQ) to its network-enabled cloud ecosystem.

The company's customers will be able to use their Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to connect to the HP Helion portfolio of cloud services using AT&T NetBond, a solution that is designed to provide "seamless access to enterprise applications and data."

NetBond creates a highly secure private path between a customer's VPN and a cloud services provider (CSP), according to AT&T.

The solution also scales network resources as a business' cloud computing needs change.

AT&T said NetBond will allow HP customers to take advantage of its global network.

"Business customers want high-speed connectivity and rock-solid security protecting vital data and applications in the cloud," AT&T Business Solutions CEO Andy Geisse said in a prepared statement. "With HP and other major cloud providers joining our growing NetBond ecosystem, we are leading the movement to make cloud computing more attractive for the many enterprise buyers who demand security, performance, flexibility and quality of service."

Martin Fink, HP's executive vice president and chief technology officer, noted NetBond will allow more enterprises to fully leverage its Helion cloud services.

"To be successful in today's digital world, organizations must overcome the security challenges of increasingly complex IT environments," Fink said. "By integrating HP Helion with AT&T NetBond, we're giving enterprises new choices to take advantage of our cloud with added confidence."

AT&T and HP said they expect the new capabilities to be available to customers in the first quarter of next year.

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