Birst Chief Product Officer Brad Peters

Birst Chief Product Officer Brad Peters

Birst Launches Free Analytics Tool for NetSuite

Birst Express for NetSuite (N) is a free analytics tool that is designed to help NetSuite customers evaluate their operational data.

Business intelligence (BI) and cloud analytics platform provider Birst has unveiled Birst Express for NetSuite (N), a free analytics tool for NetSuite customers. Birst designed the tool to help NetSuite customers understand their operational data in new ways, the company said.

"By embedding Birst's business intelligence platform within NetSuite's software suite, we can help NetSuite customers optimize business processes, ultimately driving better performance throughout the organization," Birst Chief Product Officer Brad Peters wrote in a blog post.

Peters said NetSuite customers can use Birst Express for NetSuite to access pre-built dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports and "analyze bookings and billings data across products, geographies and customer types." In addition, Birst Express for NetSuite includes Birst Visualizer, a visual analytics and data discovery capability.

"[Birst Visualizer] takes the data discovery paradigm further by combining Google-like search and Amazon-like recommendations that help you explore your data and discover insights quickly and easily," Peters said.

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