SUSE Senior Product Manager Peter Chadwick says the new product quotgives the channel a product to satisfyquot enterprise demand for private clouds

SUSE Senior Product Manager Peter Chadwick says the new product "gives the channel a product to satisfy" enterprise demand for private clouds.

SUSE Releases New OpenStack Havana Distribution

SUSE has released its latest OpenStack distribution for channel partners looking to offer IaaS private cloud solutions to customers.

SUSE released today its most recent OpenStack distribution for channel partners looking to offer infrastructure as a service (IaaS) private cloud to customers.

SUSE Cloud 3 is based on OpenStack Havana, the most recent OpenStack release that hit general availability in October, and provides support for VMware (VMW), Microsoft (MSFT) Hyper-V, Xen and KVM.

"There are enhancements to SUSE Cloud's industry-leading installation framework to further simplify deployment and operations of the OpenStack cloud and integrated support for networking and storage solutions from SUSE hardware partners such as Cisco, EMC, and NetApp," SUSE Senior Product Manager Peter Chadwick told Talkin' Cloud.

The distribution also provides full support for Orchestration (Heat) and Telemetry (Ceilometer), both OpenStack projects.

SUSE Cloud is an OpenStack distribution that contains OpenStack components and other services, such as database and message queue software, configured and packaged to work together. 

It does not include hardware, Chadwick noted, because it is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, which means that it has been certified to run on wide variety of x86_64 servers.

Chadwick said the new product "gives partners and customers the fastest on-ramp to OpenStack.

"For channel partners looking to offer private cloud solutions to their customers, the installation framework included as part of SUSE Cloud simplifies the deployment process," he said.

Chadwick added that SUSE Cloud gives the channel a product to satisfy the enterprise customer demand for private cloud solutions.

"More importantly, as most cloud deployments start off with greenfield pilots, this also provides the partner with an opportunity to sell servers and operating systems," he said. "There is also the opportunity to sell services to help set up the cloud."

Red Hat (RHT), one of SUSE's main competitors in the OpenStack space, embraced OpenStack Havana back in October 2013, just days after the open source IaaS platform for cloud computing made its debut.

Red Hat also recently hinted at its OpenStack momentum with partners, a topic the company will speak more about at upcoming conferences, the company told Talkin' Cloud.

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