WriteThat.name Formalizes Partner Program

WriteThat.name Formalizes Partner Program

Cloud-based contact management vendor WriteThat.name has officially launched its first reseller partner program after testing out the program with a handful of partners over the last few months.

WriteThat.name is turning to the channel to expand into the international corporate market. The service, owned by parent company Kwaga, is a cloud-based, cross-platform service that automatically keeps Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Gmail, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Outlook and Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) address books consistent and up to date.

The Paris-based company noted in its announcement that its first partners will have "exclusive lead dashboards, marketing materials, commission plans and extended trial programs to extend WriteThat.name further into the international contact management and email management business."

WriteThat.name began testing out its reseller program late in 2012, presumably with a handful of key partners. According to the organization, it decided to turn to the channel because the contacts and emails market is increasing exponentially, and it intended to move more into the international market—good insight on the part of WriteThat.name, as there's no way quicker to expand into foreign markets than with a good channel partner program and a growing number of key partners.

"The first Google Apps resellers to add WriteThat.name to their portfolio did such a great job of expanding the solution to the corporate world that we realized we had to take this kind of collaboration to the next level," said Phillippe Laval, founder and CEO of Kwaga, in a prepared statement. "We're now very proud to present a full-fledged reseller program with co-marketing activities, a focused dashboard to add and follow leads, revenue sharing and more reseller perks. I have full confidence that this will program will be quickly adopted by Outlook, Salesforce, Notes and Google Apps resellers."

What's the channel opportunity for such a service, though? WriteThat.name provided a few stats along with the launch of its partner program based on internal data. The company stated that 30 percent of corporate users report their contact management is very demanding and very costly. Additionally, 33 percent said their address books were out of date or inaccurate. Does that number seem low to you?

According to WriteThat.name, "automating this aspect of email administration for a team of five will save two weeks a year, for a $4,000 yearly savings. With an average lead value of $20, for example, that’s more than $20,000 in potential sales on a per-person, per-year basis."

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