VMware Preps Partners for Federated Clouds

VMware (NYSE: VMW) continues to bang the drum for software-defined datacenters. And if you listen closely, this is more than a product pitch (vCloud Suite) and more than a private cloud play. Frank Rauch, VP for the Americas Partner Organization, predicts the strategy will allow partners to build federated cloud systems.

In a FastChat Video with The VAR Guy (Talkin' Cloud's sister site), Rauch explained how vCloud Suite provides the building blocks for systems that can burst from private clouds to off-premises systems and public clouds:

Familiar Concept Moves to the Cloud

The idea of federated systems isn't new. For more than a decade, IT managers and channel partners have been building interconnected systems that trust one another. The efforts typically involve identity management and other technologies that allow people or IT services to safely and easily navigate multiple IT destinations. And in many cases, the multiple destinations appear to be virtualized into a single system.

More recently, the federated cloud concept has been taking hold. According to TechTarget, a federated cloud (or a cloud federation) involves "the deployment and management of multiple external and internal cloud computing services that meet business needs."

Rauch sees opportunities ahead for channel partners. But will channel partners fully grasp federated clouds? I think it's far too early to say -- since many VARs are just beginning the journey from virtualization to private cloud computing.

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