StackMob Unveils Partner Program to Grow Mobile Ecosystem

StackMob Unveils Partner Program to Grow Mobile Ecosystem

StackMob has launched a new channel partner program to spure the growth of its mobile cloud services. The Service Partner Program was developed to enable app developers, creative agencies and system integrators.

StackMob, a provider of a cloud-based mobile platform, has launched its Service Partner Program to help its partners build rich mobile applications that connect to the cloud. The new partner program was designed to equip app development companies, systems integrators and creative agencies to offer customers mobile back-end services to speed time-to-market while also providing a new source of recurring revenue.

According to the company, StackMob's service partners will be able to spend less time building and maintaining back-end infrastructure and more time creating value in customer applications. The end goal? To ensure repeat business, StackMob noted in its announcement. Additionally, StackMob aims to help its service partners significantly reduce costs and reduce time-to-market from the months to days.

"The StackMob Service Partner Program is specially designed to help our partner agencies and development companies become more profitable and close more deals by leveraging our powerful back-end solutions to the benefit of their customers," said Ty Amell, CEO and founder of StackMob, in a prepared statement. "By joining our extensive mobile ecosystem, our partners can empower their clients to build scalable applications for any connected device more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost."

Some of the key benefits StackMob listed include:

  • The ability to save time and server-side development and maintenance costs through development of applications on StackMob.
  • Recurring revenues driven through the StackMob Referral Program.
  • Marketing on StackMob.
  • Co-marketing opportunities to increase agency brand exposure.
  • Reduced pricing on StackMob products and services.

So far, nine development companies and agencies have signed on, but StackMob is hoping to attract more developers to the Service Partner Program.

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