SolidFire Launches Cloud Builders Channel Partner Program

SolidFire Launches Cloud Builders Channel Partner Program

SSD storage systems provider SolidFire has launched a new Cloud Builders Channel Partner Program with the intention of working with the channel to deploy more solid-state storage into the cloud.

SolidFire, which has centered its business around all-SSD storage systems designed for data centers, hopes to take its SSD strategy to the next level in the cloud computing realm. And it's turning to the channel to make that happen. SolidFire announced the Cloud Builders Channel Partner Program, which it noted is a critical part of its go-to-market strategy as it scales to meet demand for its scale-out block storage platforms.

The new program is aimed at systems integrators and resellers who are working with customers on strategic storage and cloud infrastructure projects. It's the cloud element that most interests us here at Talkin' Cloud, of course, and SolidFire noted that it is working with partners involved with VMware (VMW), OpenStack and CloudStack. The ideal partner specializes in planning, building, implementing and managing cloud infrastructure initiatives.

"Due to the relative complexity of cloud design, enterprise customers are increasingly looking to trusted advisers to help them assemble the proper technology building blocks for their next generation infrastructure," said Dave Cahill, director of strategic alliances at SolidFire, in a prepared statement. "Our Cloud Builder Program is targeting a select group of partners with proven expertise in the areas of storage, virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Leveraging SolidFire's innovative all-flash architecture, these partners now have a solution to address the performance, scale and management challenges inherent to legacy storage systems."

SSD storage has been pushed ahead as an ideal storage method for on-demand cloud computing services and applications. The expense of SSD has come down significantly, but it still has a long way to go. It's no archival storage media, but instead suited for highly available and latency-free applications.

Partners likely will continue to play a greater role in the rollout of SSD into cloud data centers. And as prices continue to fall, it seems likely SSD will be implemented in cloud data centers more frequently.

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