PerspecSys Unveils Certified Partner Program

PerspecSys Unveils Certified Partner Program

PerspecSys has launched a new Certified Partner Program at the same time it has upgraded its Cloud Data Protection Gateway to include additional features around key management and cryptography.

PerspecSys is rolling out an update to its cloud data protection gateway product at the same time as it's launching a new partner program.

The new PerspecSys Certified Partner Program is intended help build in interoperability and ensure customers benefit from a seamless experience when using security products from multiple preferred providers. The company noted in its announcement it has been working for years with security vendors including Voltage Security, SafeNet, Ping Identity and McAfee to ensure interoperability.

The new partner program will formalize the partnership process and open partnering with PerspecSys to additional potential partners around the world. Basically, PerspecSys is building out its partnership ecosystem to possibly include other security vendors all over the globe.

The technology upgrade, meanwhile, affects the PerspecSys Cloud Data Protection Gateway. In particular, it means new functionality around key management and cryptography. The new features include:

  • Native support for Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), a standard used by a wide range of specific and standards-based hardware security managers and enterprise key management security solution providers.
  • Standards-based key management lifecycle operations based on the NIST 800-57 specification to allow key managers to configure key groups for encryption policy preparation. This will permit manual control for key revocations and definition of crypto period lengths.
  • Security for key management and key material, enabling customers to configure the use of hardware security module and extensible key management solutions that meet the KMIP specification.
  • Increased operational and audit reporting for key management, all from a simple dashboard so customers can manage operations, transactions and management changes for key groups, assets and policies.

"Interoperability is vital to moving not only our business, but the industry at large forward," said David Canellos, CEO of PerspecSys, in a prepared statement. "For enterprises to embrace new technology they must be assured it will be backward compatible with what they already have in place, and future-proof for what's coming. Our solution delivers both. And while some competitors take shortcuts that compromise security strength and interoperability, we have embraced the broader security vendor ecosystem and architected our Gateway and Certification Program around it—to ensure our customers get the most from their investments."

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