New Centrify Partner Program Furthers Cloud, Mobile Security

New Centrify Partner Program Furthers Cloud, Mobile Security

Centrify launched a new technology partner program at the Samsung Developers Conference in the hopes of providing developers and cloud and mobile ISVs with an easy way to provide its cloud-based secure access technology in existing and future apps.

Centrify is formalizing its partner strategy with the creation of a new technology partner program that will bring together Centrify partners such as Dropbox and Zoom. The new Centrify Alliance Partner Program (CAPP) is intended to make it easier for cloud and mobile applications developers and ISVs to use Centrify's unified identity services to further protect their apps and end users.

The new program was unveiled at the Samsung Developers Conference this week in San Francisco. The reason for the choice in venue seems to be to spotlight Centrify's partnership with Samsung that saw the popular mobile device manufacturer add Centrify's Zero Sign-on technology to its KNOX platform earlier this year. And it's likely many of the technology partners that will join the new Centrify program will be developing apps that will touch Samsung Android smartphones and tablets.

According to Shreyas Sadalgi, vice president of Business Development at Centrify, "our new partner program allows more companies and developers to rely on Centrify's cloud platform to leverage our leading SaaS and mobile security features that provide centrally managed policies to securely access and authenticate users to partners' leading SaaS applications, regardless of device or location."

In a way, the launch of CAPP is just solidifying the technology partnerships that Centrify already has in place, but putting some formal rules in place for how Centrify engages with partners could help to accelerate its growth in the partner space.

In addition to having access to Centrify's cloud security technology, partners will also be able to jointly develop and deliver integrated solutions for the SaaS and mobile markets, grow recurring revenue streams, get access to training, licensing and resources, do joint development and testing, and access Centrify's partner portal.

Centrify is breaking the partner program into three tiers:

  • Developer partners, which receive discounts on Centrify products, services and support. They may obtain access to Centrify APIs. The partner level is intended to enable developers and ISVs to redistribute Centrify Zero Sign-on-enabled apps. They also get free usage of the Centrify Cloud Service for up to three mobile apps.
  • Business partners, which work with Centrify to implement joint marketing and sales strategies, including opportunities to cross-sell, upsell or promote solutions to Centrify customers.
  • Premier partners, which have more strategic partnerships with Centrify and have proven success with cross-selling and recommending Centrify products on a global scale. This partner level is intended to deliver on growth and success objectives with access to Centrify's customers for mutual benefit.
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