GlobalWise, Intellinetics Launch MarketCommand Partner Program

GlobalWise, Intellinetics Launch MarketCommand Partner Program

GlobalWise Investments and its subsidiary, Intellinetics, an enterprise content management systems provider, unveiled MarketCommand, a new channel partner program to drive cloud-based recurring revenue through the print and imaging channel.

GlobalWise Investments and its subsidiary, Intellinetics, have launched a new channel partner program to drive Intellinetics' cloud- and premises-based enterprise content management systems through print and imaging resellers.

The MarketCommand partner program is intended for print and imaging dealers to generate revenue based on the GlobalWise IntelliCloud platform, using it as a feature for multifunction devices sold by resellers. The cloud platform is aimed at the small- and medium-business (SMB) market, presenting dealers with an opportunity to go back to their existing customers with a cloud offering.

The program is intended to help resellers increase their revenue from stronger device sales and IntelliCloud activation fees. According to GlobalWise, the program was also designed so dealers can generate recurring revenue from customers that use more than the initial capacity.

GlobalWise is hoping to make it easy for its dealers, noting the program comes "without complexity in sales, operations or service delivery."

GlobalWise and Intellinetics aren't exactly new to the channel, but the program solidifies its channel partner strategy and existing (and future) reseller relationships. In its announcement, GlobalWise noted that the program was the result of "in-depth feedback" from first-generation industry partners.

The program aims to deliver the business, technical, marketing positioning and service changes needed for resellers to build an Intellinetics-based document solutions practice.

MarketCommand isn't limited to the cloud, as GlobalWise carries on-premises solutions as well, but the cloud-based IntelliCloud platform seems to be at the heart of the new channel partner program.

To kick off the program, GlobalWise will to take it to "market leaders within the geographies served." The company will begin onboarding partners this quarter. Eventually, GlobalWise will expand the program to a wider set of partners, but that will be a few months out.

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