CSPs: Who Will Be Your Closest Cloud Partner In 2015?

CSPs: Who Will Be Your Closest Cloud Partner In 2015?

Cloud services brokerages, aggregators and providers work with a range of partners -- Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Rackspace, Amazon and more. But who will be the IT channel's top cloud partner by 2015? 

Channel partners -- including cloud services brokerages and aggregators -- are building deeper relationships with a handful of cloud services providers. Cloud Sherpas is working closely with Google Apps, Salesforce.com and ServiceNow. Champion Solutions Group (and its 365 Command organization) has bet the business on Microsoft Office 365. And Corsica Technologies, a top MSP, is running CA ARCserve in Amazon's cloud.

My question for you: Do you expect to consolidate the number of cloud partners you engage over the next few years? Or more specifically... please take this quick poll:


Poll Results

We'll gather reader feedback and watch the comment area for the next week or so. Then, we'll offer some updated insights from the Talkin' Cloud community. Our sister site, MSPmentor, is running the same poll and also wide open for reader comments.

Fear of the cloud is largely over. The channel must move faster toward the cloud. And we're curious to learn about your intended destination.

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