Sandy Carter general manager of Ecosystem Development at IBM

Sandy Carter, general manager of Ecosystem Development at IBM

IBM Aims to Attract Cloud Startups with New Entrepreneur Program

IBM is offering eligible startups up to $120,000 in credits to use for IBM Cloud services through the new IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups.

IBM (IBM) is the latest of the big cloud services providers to take aim at startups. The vendor has introduced a new program, dubbed the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups, to offer up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits to eligible firms.

The new program could help to onboard cloud services providers and cloud developers to the IBM Cloud and tie them into the growing IBM Cloud ecosystem. Big Blue seems hopeful it can attract these startups and entrepreneurs, and then "deeply connect" them its network of enterprise customers, consultants and Innovation Centers.

According to IBM, the program will also help cloud startups and entrepreneurs to more rapidly build their services and solutions, scale quickly and accelerate their growth.

"As the breadth of services, capabilities and partners using the IBM Cloud continues to grow, making our cloud more accessible to early-stage startups around the world is critical to accelerating innovation in a tremendous rage of industries—from health care to banking and everything in between," said Sandy Carter, general manager of Ecosystem Development at IBM, in a prepared statement. "What the tech industry can do with big data, analytics and cognitive computing via the cloud is limitless, and helping push these ideas to the forefront of what larger enterprises are thinking and demanding for their customers will help solve some of the largest challenges facing businesses today."

Qualifying startups can receive up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits, which could go a long way toward hosting their cloud services on IBM's infrastructure. It will likely enable several startups and entrepreneurs to get up and running quicker, as well as allowing them to scale faster. IBM noted that it also provides them the ability to focus more on coding, building, scaling and bringing their cloud services to market.

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