Cloud Services Brokerages (CSBs): Let the Revolution Begin

Cloud Services Brokerages (CSBs): Let the Revolution Begin

What is a cloud services brokerage (CSB)? Gartner and Cloud Sherpas have answers. Get ready for the next channel revolution.

Cloud Sherpas, a top Google Apps partner that just raised $40 million and acquired CloudTrigger, is positioning itself the world's leading cloud services brokerage (CSB). But what exactly is a CSB?

Glad you asked. The CSB term is new to most observers, but Gartner VP Tiffani Bova has been evangelizing the CSB and Cloud Aggregator terms for several years now.

In Bova's terminology, CSBs make it easier for organizations to consume and maintain cloud services, particularly when they span multiple providers.

Some folks refer to CSBs as cloud integrators -- consultants who string together multiple cloud apps for customers. But Cloud Sherpas is fully embracing the CSB term. As company revenues approach $100 million in 2013, Cloud Sherpas asserts that it is the CSB market leader.

In contrast, Cloud Services Aggregators typically are online stores that allow VARs, MSPs and customers to source multiple cloud applications from a single dashboard. Distributors and telcos are working hard to establish market leadership in the Cloud Services Aggregator sector.

How real are the cloud services brokerage (CSB) and cloud services aggregator (CSA) trends? Venture capitalists are pumping $40 million into Cloud Sherpas -- a surefire sign that there's oppportunity ahead.

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