CipherCloud, Symplified Partner for Cloud IAM, Encryption

CipherCloud, Symplified Partner for Cloud IAM, Encryption

Cloud security solution provider Symplified and cloud encryption gateway company CipherCloud have teamed up for joint solutions designed to address the major pain points of cloud customers by leveraging each of their core expertises. Benefits include a layered approach to security that both prevents mission-critical data from leaking from the cloud and provides an audit trail for regulatory compliance needs.

The integration works as you might expect it to. From a single panel, administrators will be able to apply Symplified-powered access control, single sign-on (SSO) and user management, along with CipherCloud-based identity-based encryption and security policy management, on top of cloud apps. And both will provide a breadcrumb trail of what users have been accessing which data -- prime for those compliance needs I mentioned.

The real value proposition here is the fact that it extends this kind of security policy management outside the corporate firewall, so customers get something approaching on-premises security assurance with public cloud-based solutions. And that could boost overall cloud adoption.

Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO of CipherCloud, laid it out in a prepared statement:

"CipherCloud and Symplified are solving the two biggest challenges organizations face in moving to the cloud - data protection and access control. The award-winning technology each company brings to this relationship will form a game-changing solution that addresses the key impediments to global cloud adoption."

No doubt, there's a market for solutions that can lock down the cloud. But, as always, the two face stiff competition. That said, Symplified seems dead-set on partnering with every technology vendor out there with a complimentary solution. Who knows? Maybe it could find itself at the center of a new cloud security ecosystem.

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