Oracle Big Data Strategy Hinges on Java, M2M Communications

Oracle's (NASDAQ: ORCL) Big Data strategy leans heavily on Java and machine-t0-machine (M2M) communications. During Oracle OpenWorld 2012 today, President Mark Hurd and Channel Chief Judson Althoff shared the company's vision for the Big Data market -- and where channel partners fit in.

During Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange -- a gathering of 5,000 partners at OpenWorld -- Hurd explained how the typical company is generating 40 percent more data annually. Storage, managing and making sense of all that data is becoming a costly challenge. (See First FastChat Video.)

Meanwhile, both Hurd and Althoff described a sample Big Data application involving a major automobile maker. The car company sees a scenario where one of its automobile models may generate 1 petabyte of data per car per day. Hurd and Althoff described how intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) communications can zero in on the most important data using sensor technology. (See Second FastChat Video.)

Ultimately, Althoff asserted, Oracle is the only company that can offer device-to-data center connections for Big Data applications that rivals simply can't deliver. Rivals, of course, may beg to differ...

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