Cloud Backup Discussion with Carbonite at 2pm ET

Learn how to do database, Exchange and SharePoint backup to the Carbonite cloud while generating recurring revenue. Join us today at 2pm ET.

Database backup traditionally has been a tricky proposition, with companies spending untold amounts of time and money on labor-intensive backup operations. Cloud database backup is becoming a popular alternative to traditional backup methods, saving valuable resources and making the process simple and cost-effective.

Today's cloud backup Channel Expert Hour at 2pm ET will focus on:

  • The advantages of cloud-based backup for MySQL, SQL, Exchange and Sharepoint databases.
  • Four things you should look for in a cloud-database backup solution.
  • How you can add recurring revenue with cloud-based database backup.

You will hear from:

  • Joe Panettieri, editorial director, Nine Lives Media
  • David Hauser, director, channel, Carbonite
  • Benjamin Brewster, president, Corvallis Technical (an MSP partner)

Attend live and you could receive an Amazon Kindle Fire!  Register here.

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