Transcend And Tech Data Team Up In France

Transcend Information, the storage and RAM specialist, has joined forces with Tech Data. The new 'strategic partnership' is designed to proliferate Transcend's line of products through France. Here's the deal on the deal...

According to the release, France is a "strategic market" and both both Tech Data and Transcend have interest in it. And since Tech Data and Transcend have already been buddy-buddy in Germany, Belgium, Polanda and The Netherlands, it seems like a simple step to make the leap to France.

Since March 2010 resellers, 'e-tailers' and sub-distributors affiliated with Tech Data can access the entire gamut of Transcend's products. From RAM to Flash cards, SSDs and MP3 players.

Transcend is making multiple moves. If you remember, back in January, Transcend signed with Ingram Micro in the USA. We alluded to the fact that with flash RAM in high demand from Apple, and other companies,  VARs might be looking for alternative suppliers.

This blogger thinks Transcend is capitalizing on solid-state storage everywhere it can.

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