Bridge Metrics: Lead to Sales Acceleration for VARs, Vendors

Bridge Metrics: Lead to Sales Acceleration for VARs, Vendors

Bridge Metrics is building out Channel Avenue, a cloud-based service that allows technology vendors, distributors and VARs to nurture sales leads and accelerate the sales process -- together. Among the big twists: Bridge Metrics has found a way to offer the service with no login requirements; VARs and their channel suppliers can check on leads and move them forward over email, notes President Bill Carroll. But that's not all.

Bridge Metrics' Channel Avenue is not to be confused with traditional Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software. Nor is Bridge Metrics a deal registration system. Instead, Bridge Metrics claims to be the leader in business social partnership platforms."The average VAR has 10 to 12 vendors on their line cards," said Carroll. "How do they remember 12 different logins? That's extremely cumbersome." Instead, Channel Avenue shifts lead nurturing into users' email inboxes.

So what's in it for vendors, distributors and VARs?

  • Vendors and distributors gain visibility into how channel partners are using their marketing materials.
  • Once a lead is generated it can be assigned to a VAR. The VAR can either accept or reject the lead. Moreover, all partners (say, a software company's Channel Account Manager and/or a distributor) can track the progress of the accepted lead.
  • Bridge Metrics also offers managed services, assisting vendors as they upload marketing materials for partners in the system, etc.
Basically, Bridge Metrics is an aggregation point for checking on those leads, and make sure the leads move forward in the sales process.

Bridge Metrics is about three years old, and has 38 employees. Recent recruits include Brett Martin, VP of business development. Martin is known in and around channel circles for his previous work at Exigo Group and CompTIA, among other efforts.

Bridge Metrics has been self-funded from the start, but may consider a round of investment in the future. The company has forged strong partnerships with Ingram Micro and a range of channel partners. Among the core priorities is a big focus on synchronization -- making sure VARs, vendors and distributors can have the same lead status reports in their respective CRM systems, notes Carroll.

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