Acer Kills Windows 8 Smartphone Release Plan for 2013

Acer Kills Windows 8 Smartphone Release Plan for 2013

Acer will hold off on building a Windows Phone 8 smartphone until the OS gains in popularity.

Acer would “love to do” a Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Phone 8 handset but until demand for the smartphone platform is stronger, don’t expect the Taiwanese company to toss its hat in Microsoft’s ring, according to a company executive.

In a TechRadar report, Allen Burnes, Acer smartphones EMEA vice president, said the manufacturer is “looking at Windows Phone 8 and we think it’s a great OS. The integration with Xbox is nice, the enterprise suite is nice, but I think no one knows about it.”

Late last year, Acer put the Allegro, a Windows Phone 7.5-based unit, on the market, that, to put it mildly, has gone nowhere. At the time Acer said its strategy for 2013 was to build five Android-based smartphones and one Windows Phone unit. But now, it appears as though the vendor has modified that plan to back away from Windows Phone 8 because top brass doesn’t think a smartphone based on the OS will sell—at least this year.

"You'll find everyone in our smartphone team would really like to deploy Windows OS, but in relation to where we are as a company we have to make our decisions in relation to what we think will sell out,” Burnes said.

"We've made the decision not to launch a Windows Phone 8 device this year,” he said. “Next year, depending on how we see the growth go this year, we may well do."

Burnes said Acer needs more information from Microsoft on the new platform before committing to it, particularly how it will map to the device maker's entire product line, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

"The way WP8 integrates in with the rest of the Windows ecosystem is phenomenal," Burnes says, "so yes we are looking at Windows Phone 8, yes we do believe in it, it just doesn't sell enough at this moment, otherwise we would deploy it this year."

So far the Windows Phone 8 lineup includes six Nokia Lumia models (the 928, 920, 822, 820, 810 and 521), two HTC units, a Huawei model and Samsung’s Ativ Odyssey.

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