Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch in September?: Report

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch in September?: Report

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Gear smart watch running Google Android in September 2013 -- ahead of Apple’s long-rumored iWatch, according to published reports. Combined with Google Glass, is wearable computing ready to thrive?

Samsung is readying a new smart watch (called Galaxy Gear) for debut in September 2013 --ahead of Apple’s (AAPL) long-rumored wearable device. The Samsung smart watch, running Google (GOOG) Android, will feature Web browsing, e-mail access and the ability to make phone calls, according to a Bloomberg report citing knowledgeable source.

The high-flying Korean mobile device maker will showcase its new Galaxy Gear on September 4 at its second Unpacked event, held two days prior to the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, the report said.

Samsung also will roll out a new Galaxy Note 3 at the same time. The vendor’s smart watch won’t feature its much-ballyhooed bendable screen technology, according to sources in the report.

Wearable Computing Chatter

As mentioned in a Wall Street Journal blog, the Bloomberg report follows similar chatter (and a line drawing of the rumored device) from the SamMobile website, which tracks Samsung’s mobile business, that a smart watch was coming on September 4 at Unpacked. According to the report, Sony may beat Samsung to the punch with a smart watch of its own, also before the IFA conference, but so far, there's isn't any buzz about that.

Whoever kicks off the wearable device market for sure will have a leg up on the competition, although that’s no key to success by any means. However, should Samsung’s rumored September 4 event upstage Apple’s reported September 10 date supposedly to roll out the iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone, the Korean maker may be able to mark itself as the new king of the mobile innovators. So far, none of the rumors floating around Apple’s September 10 event mention a smart watch or so-called iWatch, and it is out of character for the vendor to tease on products it may bring to market but aren’t yet fully baked.

Samsung Dials Developers

Samsung is holding its first ever developers’ conference, slated as a three-day affair running Oct. 27-29 in San Francisco. So far, the vendor isn’t saying much about the event, allowing only in a teaser that the conference will provide a setting for developers to “Engage with industry leaders, Collaborate with fellow developers, Learn about new Samsung tools and SDKs, Create what’s next.” The confab reportedly will be about assisting developers to create software across the vendor’s product lines rather than looking for a new mobile strategy.

Samsung has made considerable noise this year about the interconnection between its various products, irrespective of platform or customer target, ranging from consumer electronics gear to its smartphones and tablets. If the September 4 smart watch debut comes to pass, you can add wearable mobile devices to that list.

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