Microsoft Channel Chief Phil Sorgens one tweet about Surface 2 so far failed to mention partner program enhancements
Microsoft Channel Chief Phil Sorgen's one tweet about Surface 2 (so far) failed to mention partner program enhancements...

Memo to Microsoft Channel Chief: Surface 2 Partner Statement?

By the time Microsoft begins selling Surface 2 tablets and accessories on Oct. 22, will Channel Chief Phil Sorgen weigh in with an updated channel strategy for mobile partners? The VAR Guy sure hopes so. Even a high-level blog talking about Surface's channel direction would be welcome.

Microsoft (MSFT) is making progress with its tablet strategy. The new Surface 2 tablets and accessories look very promising. But once again, the technology company has failed to connect the dots between its products and channel strategy. Here's why.

To Microsoft's credit, Surface 2 will be available Oct. 22 from a range of third-party retailers and commercial resellers. Surface 2 (the successor to Surface RT) starts at $449 with 32GB of storage. Surface Pro 2 (the successor to Surface Pro) starts at $899 with 64GB of storage. Accessors include new covers, docking stations, wireless adapters, car charges and even a mouse. In short: Surface is becoming a true product portfolio for Microsoft, rather than a one-off device.

The VAR Guy continues to insist that it's early in the Surface game. And our resident blogger is convinced that Surface will gain a respectable following -- especially within businesses that want to run productivity Windows applications natively on their tablets; and among users who want a single device that balances tablet and PC capabilities.

The big question: What does new Microsoft Channel Chief Phil Sorgen think of Surface 2, and how does he plan to empower more partners to offer the tablet family? Hmmm... 

Sorgen Tweeted about the Surface 2 launch on Sept. 23:


Here's the thing: All of Microsoft is talking about how Surface 2 is designed for customers. This is Sorgen's opportunity to talk about how Surface 2 is designed to empower partners...

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