Kit Colbert vice president and CTO CloudNative Apps at VMware

Kit Colbert, vice president and CTO, Cloud-Native Apps at VMware

VMware Expands Tech Integrations with Docker, Mesosphere

VMware's collaboration with Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere and Pivotal are expected to provide turnkey deployment of Docker containers and simplified deployment resource scheduling solutions.

VMware (VMW) is partnering with Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere and Pivotal Cloud Foundry in an effort to simplify enterprise container deployment and management.

The virtualization giant expects the integrations to provide turnkey deployment of Docker containers on the Fusion, vCloud Air and vSphere platforms, as well as simplified deployment resource scheduling and cluster management solutions for containers on VMware infrastructure. The new partnerships will allow users to develop and run applications securely across private, public and hybrid cloud deployments, according to the company.

In addition to its new relationships with Docker, Kubernetes and Pivotal, VMware is working with Mesosphere to provide users with more choices when deploying and schedule containers, applications and data center services including Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra, according to the announcement. The joint VMware-Mesosphere solution will allow users to organize their physical servers, virtual machines and cloud instances and let applications choose from a single pool of resources.

Straight from the press release, VMware also announced the release of several other technology integrations, such as:

  • One-click deployment of Docker containers from the desktop to the cloud through integration between VMware Fusion, VMware vCloud Air and VMware vSphere with Docker Machine.
  • Rapid installation and deployment of Kubernetes via VMware vSphere for container cluster deployment, management and orchestration.
  • Simple and fast installation and deployment of Mesosphere via VMware vSphere to run and manage data center applications and services at scale.
  • Rapid deployment and management of Linux container application instances via simple virtual machine installer of the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform on VMware vSphere.

VMware announced its initial collaboration with Docker, Google and Pivotal in August to help enterprises run and manage their containerized applications on VMware infrastructure or vCloud Air, according to the company. The collaboration was aimed at helping enterprises to leverage their existing VMware infrastructures as unified scalable and secure platforms for running and managing enterprise applications either in a container, virtual machine or a container housed within a virtual machine in a PaaS.

"Our focus is to provide enterprises with the common platform for building, operating and managing applications at scale," said Kit Colbert, vice president and CTO, Cloud-Native Apps at VMware, in a statement. "In conjunction with our broad partner ecosystem, we are empowering enterprises to minimize the integration costs, time and effort to securely run and manage containerized applications wherever they choose—whether on-premises on VMware vSphere or in the cloud on VMware vCloud Air."

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