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VMware Details Upcoming Launch of App Volumes 3.0

VMware App Volumes 3.0 will work to help admins manage both legacy and cloud-based applications in a simpler manner.

VMware (VMW) pulled back the curtain on its upcoming App Volumes 3.0 release this week, ahead of the product’s expected launch later this quarter.

VMware said the latest version of its application management solution will make application lifecycle management simpler and cut down on the complexities associated with mixing legacy and cloud-based applications for administrators.

App Volumes 3.0 builds off of last year’s release of the VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle, which included version 2.0 of VMware App Volumes as well as several other solutions. VMware said it plans to utilize the feedback it gained from customers last year to continue streamlining the application packaging, delivery and management capabilities of version 3.0, according to Harry Labana, vice president of Products and End-User Computing at VMware.

“If you ask IT administrators, many will tell you that the way they handle application lifecycle management has become very difficult,” said Labana in a blog post. “VMware App Volumes 3.0 is a modern approach to application lifecycle management that simplifies the creation, deployment and management of applications.”

Labana said App Volumes 3.0 differentiates itself from the company’s previous offerings by emphasizing a focus on automation, flexible delivery and monitoring, integrated end-user management and unified administration. This is expected to boost application delivery, increase application and user environment management, and reduce IT costs, according to the blog post.

Labana detailed several new features in VMware App Volumes 3.0 including:

  • AppToggle, which allows per user entitlement and installation of applications within a single AppStack.
  • AppCapture with AppIsolation – allows users to capture and update applications to simplify application packaging, delivery and isolation with a command line interface.
  • AppScaling with Multizones – allows integrated application availability across datacenters.
  • Integrated Application, User Management and Monitoring Architecture – combines application and user environment management with monitoring.
  • Unified Administration Console – single source for admins to view application management, user environment management and monitoring within their environment.

Three version of App Volumes 3.0 will be available, including a standard edition, an advanced edition and an enterprise offering. The basic package will be available for $60 per user and will only include AppStacks, Writeable Volumes and integrated user environment management. The advanced version, meanwhile, will add AppToggle, AppCapture with AppIsolation and AppScaling. Finally, the enterprise version will feature all of the previous features in addition to application monitoring capabilities.

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