SYNNEX PROMOCentral Mobile, Desktop App Empowers Resellers

SYNNEX (SNX) has upgraded PROMOCentral to version 2.0. The mobile and desktop app allows resellers to manage vendors' technology product promotions -- in real-time -- via their smartphones, tablets or computers. The application is available for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), Google Android and PCs. A Windows 8 version also is under development.

In a FastChat video, SYNNEX VP of U.S. Marketing Mary Ellen Grom said PROMOCentral links resellers into real-time information from the distributor. PROMOCentral 2.0 is so real time that it now features more than 1,000 promotions available to SYNNEX resellers -- up from about 100 last year, Grom said.

The original release (version 1.0, launched in 2012) allowed SYNNEX to push information to resellers. With version 2.0, resellers can go in and customize the application. "You can even type in a SKU and PROMOCentral will bring up any promotion that is specific to that SKU," said Grom. "It's very helpful to our resellers on the go."

Included in the application are MySPIFF, which allows resellers to manage multiple incentive programs, and CrossView, which allows resellers to search on SYNNEX or a manufacturer SKU to see all exclusive and national rebates, the distributor says.

PROMOCentral is available to SYNNEX resellers, who can log-in with their EasyExpress account (which offers online catalog access). For resellers who are not yet affiliated with the distributor, SYNNEX is offering a free PROMOCentral demo (visit for details).

The Bigger SYNNEX Picture

PROMOCentral is part of a broader solutions-oriented push at SYNNEX. The distributor's well-known "Solv" initiatives include vertical market practices (GOVSolv, HEALTHSolv, STORESolv) and technology practices (CONVERGESolv, PRINTSolv, MOBILITYSolv, VISUALSolv). 

On the mobility front, SYNNEX sees opportunities to empower resellers and their end-customers. While PROMOCentral helps resellers to find and track special promotions, MOBILITYSolv helps resellers to offer the right mix of mobile solutions to customers -- including solutions that can drive monthly recurring revenues.


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