Nor'easter and Superstorm Sandy: Ending VAR Truck Rolls?

Nor'easter and Superstorm Sandy: Ending VAR Truck Rolls?

Today's Nor'easter and last week's Hurricane Sandy have combined to seriously impede VAR truck rolls across New York, New Jersey and portions of Connecticut. The need for managed services to remotely recover customer networks -- or virtualized network services to restore lost on-premises systems in the cloud -- has never been clearer. Here's why.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • You have customers on the New Jersey shore whose office space has been washed away or severely damaged during the recent storms.
  • Other customers still lack power.
  • Cellular, WiFi and Internet services are down in many areas.
  • Your own service trucks are low on fuel and gas is in short supply across the region.

That list looks dramatic. But it has been a reality for many VARs across the New York Tri-State area over the past week. Traditional on-premises IT support is being squeezed even when the weather is good. Toss in a hurricane and a Nor'easter, and VARs better start getting extremely serious about remote management, monitoring and cloud services.

After all, you can't roll your service fleet without gas. And you don't really have a destination in mind when your customers' networks no longer physically exist...

Time to build private clouds, and synchronize them with public clouds for rapid customer recovery.

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