Joe Makoid president of Devon IT

Joe Makoid, president of Devon IT

Devon IT Adds VDI Blasters to Lenovo PCs

Devon IT has made its VDI Blaster thin client software tool available for free to current Lenovo customers utilizing VMware. The offer lasts through June 30 and includes five free VDI Blasters for each customer.

For a limited time, Devon IT is giving away five free copies of its VDI Blaster software to any current Lenovo customer using VMware (VMW) to help users turn their PCs into thin clients. The offer is available now and will run through June 30.

“VMware customers know that virtual desktop computing can enable a wide range of benefits,” said Joe Makoid, president of Devon IT, in a prepared statement. “This free VDI Blaster offer will allow many users to test out the power of our end-to-end solution for no upfront cost. Lenovo’s VMware customers will be able to experience the extended value of desktop virtualization that our current VDI Blaster customers are already seeing.”

Devon IT’s VDI Blaster is a software tool that enables a PC to act as a thin client. According to the company, the program converts PCs into secure and centrally manageable desktop devices, enabling organizations to realize the benefits of thin client computing. The program also gives users easy access to a virtual environment through VMware Horizon View. The blaster is based on the same operating system as Lenovo’s ThinkCentre M32 and M73 thin clients, making it easy to integrate into these products.

The company noted repurposed PCs running VDI Blaster can be managed by Devon IT's Lenovo Terminal Manager, a universal thin client management software platform that ties a virtual desktop environment together and is compatible with the entire Devon IT software stack.

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