Atlantis Integrates In-Memory SDS with VMware Virtualization

Atlantis Integrates In-Memory SDS with VMware Virtualization

Atlantis ILIO's in-memory software-defined storage platform now supports VMware Horizon 6 and VMware Virtual SAN.

What happens when you combine virtualization with in-memory software-defined storage (SDS)? Dramatic performance increases, according to Atlantis, which announced that its ILIO platform now supports VMware Horizon 6 and Virtual SAN.

By bringing in-memory SDS to virtualized environments, Atlantis ILIO provides VM performance optimizations that allow virtual environments to support up to 10 times more desktops, according to the company. In fact, "Atlantis ILIO with VMware Horizon 6 and Virtual SANcan deliver better desktop performance than a MacBook Air, reduce the cost per virtual desktop to less than a PC, and deliver increased deployment flexibility with off-the-shelf servers, local storage components, and networks," it said.

Beyond performance advantages, the integration of Atlantis ILIO and VMware virtualization lower infrastructure costs, Atlantis points out, by allowing enterprises to support more virtual environments with fewer disks, as well as making more efficient use of existing storage resources.

At the same time, the solution provides more data center flexibility, since the SDS features make it possible to pool individual storage nodes together and connect them to virtual environments.

And for desktop virtualization, Atlantis ILIO offers a "better-than-PC" experience to users as a result of the speed of in-memory storage, according to the company.

Also on Wednesday, Atlantis, which specializes in in-memory storage, announced that it had secured a patent for content-aware input/output processing. The patent "anchors the foundation for Atlantis ILIO’s In-Memory storage optimization software, delivering dramatic reductions in storage traffic and capacity as well as a huge boost in performance for any virtual workload," the company said in a statement.

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