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Want Office 365 on Your Terms?

Since introducing two-tier pricing to the channel in 2013, AppRiver partners have been able to directly bill clients, sell combined offers and services, and directly provision, manage and support solutions for Office 365. But, don’t just take our word for it. 

To better serve you, our channel readers, we reached out to a few of our partners and collected real feedback about what it’s like to resell Microsoft Office 365 from AppRiver.  Here’s what they had to say:

Microsoft Office 365 helps capture recurring revenue, expand service offerings and grow cloud business. “If you are in the IT industry today and you do not have an Office 365 offering, you will be dead in 24 months,” said Eric Montague, president, Executech.  “We have watched multiple competitors fail because they did not adopt. At Executech, we are committed to adapting as technology changes, and AppRiver plays a major role in offering solutions and support to help us stay ahead of the curve.” 

There is a real financial incentive for partners to include Office 365 in their product portfolio because demand is on the rise. “About half of the time, customers come to AMT wanting to learn more about Microsoft’s Office 365 and the ways it can increase their business productivity and enhance their bottom line,” explained Jonathan Zapp, director of sales and marketing at All Mountain Technologies. “The rest of the time, we go ahead and recommend Office 365 to clients because they are using outdated services or hardware that’s reaching end of life.”

A challenge is that Office 365 is a commodity sold by many partners, and it can be hard to differentiate what sets one business apart from the rest. AppRiver offers complementary services such as email encryption, spam and virus protection, archiving and Web protection that can be bundled with Office 365. “What that means to us is that we’re able to continue to offer more affordable products to customers,” said Lisa Carter, president, SpartanTec. “I see growth in our customers not having to go and look at competitors for solutions, which means more longevity with our clients. “And they prefer to have a consolidated management solution. So, instead of having to manage two or three different solutions, and instead of us having to learn two or three different solutions, we’re able to just get it all in one.”    

Phenomenal Care™. Although there are less expensive ways to get Office 365, the key is being able to get expert technical support and a staff who will work with you to find a solution when help is needed. At AppRiver, we are committed to our partners' success and dedicated to their business. Without AppRiver, Executech would still be selling Office 365, but according to Montague, it would leave the company more susceptible when problems arise, and they would lose their competitive advantage. “If my client with 200 users goes down, I know AppRiver cares as much as I do to get them back up and running. It means our paycheck, and they feel the same way,” he explained. 

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