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VMware vCloud Hybrid Service: The Ready-To-Run Cloud

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service: The Ready-To-Run Cloud

This just in: VMware has announced a new cloud offering—the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. It’s a highly reliable, stable and secure cloud service, operated and supported by VMware and built on our vSphere and vCloud platforms. It advances you to a complete hybrid cloud in hours, not weeks or months, because there is no infrastructure or software to buy, install, run or maintain. The service is more than merely compatible; it’s the same platform you run internally—it will support your existing applications without requiring rewrites.

To meet the growing global market opportunity for public cloud and provide a solution set for partners who choose not to build out and host cloud services directly, VMware is launching the vCloud Hybrid Service through our two-tier distribution channel. This makes vCloud Hybrid service a great opportunity and service not just for our customers, but also for our channel partners.

vCloud Hybrid Service is exciting for our partners for a number of reasons. It allows partners who choose not to develop their own cloud services to become key players in the cloud conversation with their customers and prospects. Because VMware does the heavy lifting around delivering the actual service, partners can focus on their own add-on and proprietary services, and differentiating those from their competition. It’s also important to note that though VMware is providing the cloud service, partners continue to own the relationship with their customers and maintain, or even enhance, their strategic adviser role. Partners will also own pricing, billing and the ability to deliver services.

We are looking forward to general availability for this service on Q3 2013. In the meantime, we encourage our partners to watch the vCloud Hybrid Service video and the vCloud Hybrid Services Launch replay, and visit VMware’s Partner Central to get poised and ready for this exciting new offering.

Toni Adams is Vice President of Global Partner & Alliance Marketing at VMware. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of Talkin' Cloud's annual platinum sponsorship.

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