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VMware Marketing:  Helping Partners Connect to Opportunities

VMware Marketing: Helping Partners Connect to Opportunities

The new cloud computing landscape offers significant potential within your target market. The challenge is to cut through the clutter and find the prospects with the immediate business problems and opportunities that your cloud computing solutions can solve. You may have read a recent blog post regarding VMware's recently launched Outcome-based Marketing (OBM) program. The purpose of the OBM program is to connect partners with qualified prospects in their region, looking for their solutions. But that’s only part of the story.

VMware offers a comprehensive demand generation program to help you, our partners, find and attract decision-makers and influencers who have business problems your solutions can address. No small feat. In talking with our partners, one of the challenges I often hear is that they don’t have the marketing resources in-house to run a comprehensive campaign. Or, while they do conduct marketing activities, they are more activity-based and the outcome is not guaranteed.

VMware offers a three-step marketing program to help our partners make the most of their marketing efforts, turning activity into results. The program involves:

  1. Plan: VMware Marketing Academy is a series of brief modules to help the novice marketer learn the nuts and bolts of marketing and create a plan to drive specific marketing ROI and deliver pipeline for their organization;
  2. Execute: Select and execute a mix of top quality marketing programs. VMware offers a variety of programs such as high-end digital and direct-mail campaigns, content syndication, cutting edge Partner co-operative search engine marketing, social media syndication and outcome-based programs to help our partners find and attract qualified prospects looking for their solutions; and
  3. Follow-up and Measure success: Follow-up on your leads in a timely manner, or allow our third-party team to do it for you and pass you the ‘hot leads.’ Then track your marketing pipeline, close business and relax … until next quarter, of course.
The VMware Partner Marketing Program is just one of the ways we support our partners to help you create demand for and sell your quality solutions, garner happy customers, and enjoy joint success. For more information, log into VMware Partner Central or contact the VMware Partner Support Center

Carolyn Cox is senior director of Global Channel Marketing at VMware. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy’s annual platinum sponsorship. Read all of VMware's guest blogs here.
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