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Value-Added Reseller Scores New Business with Carbonite Partner Trial

Value-Added Reseller Scores New Business with Carbonite Partner Trial

CCi ComputerWorks is a solutions provider that specializes in helping small businesses in and around southern Connecticut deploy and manage IT systems. The company is also a Carbonite Partner, and it’s earning new business thanks in part to Carbonite’s Partner Trial program.

CCi ComputerWorks serves as an IT department for its clients--mostly small businesses that lack the resources to hire in-house IT personnel. The company helps its clients with things such as networking, on-site service repairs, malware and virus eradication, and much more. In addition to serving small-business clients, CCi ComputerWorks is also in the business of keeping individuals and their families connected.

“We give highly personalized attention to every single customer, whether it’s a grandmother who needs her computer fixed so she can Facebook with her grandkids, to attorneys, doctors and all kinds of small businesses,” says owner Bob Pokrinchak. “We cater to all levels and all needs.”

Carbonite Expands Partner Trial Program

CCi ComputerWorks recently helped one of its customers--St. Thomas More School, in Oakdale, Conn.--start a free 30-day trial of Carbonite. The results were win-win for CCi ComputerWorks and the school. At the end of the trial, the school loved Carbonite and Pokrinchak made the sale.

“I really wound up getting a new customer because of the trial,” he said.

Carbonite recently announced the expansion of its highly successful free trial program to its global network of distributors, national solutions providers and channel partners. With this full-feature, no-obligation trial, Carbonite partners can now offer their customers the power and simplicity of the Carbonite Server Pro Bundle, which includes both server and workstation backup technology.

Why Carbonite?

Pokrinchak and CCi ComputerWorks like being a Carbonite Partner because Carbonite technology is easy to deploy, use and monitor.

Once deployed, monitoring usage and updating backup policies is easily done through Carbonite’s Web-based management portal. Pokrinchak uses the portal to manage backup policies and make sure his customers have enough space to back up their important business files.

Pokrinchak adds that Carbonite offers power, simplicity and great value. He also likes Carbonite’s award-winning, U.S.-based technical support team.

“Tech support is rarely needed,” Pokrinchak said. “But when it is needed, Carbonite has been outstanding.”

John Durant is Director of Channel Sales at Carbonite, a provider of powerful yet simple cloud and hybrid backup solutions for small to midsize businesses. Get to know the benefits of partnering with Carbonite today. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship.

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