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Truth, Lies & APIs

Truth, Lies & APIs

We’ve been repeating the phrase “software is eating the world”, ever since Marc Andreessen famously coined it back in 2011. For Service Providers, this prediction is especially true and has opened up huge opportunities. We've seen computing and storage move to virtualized platforms or cloud hosting environments, the transformation of traditional IT services such as Identity Management become SaaS products, and business support services such as email, messaging and real-time communications move to cloud based delivery models.

Organizations now demand scalable, flexible, cloud based solutions, rather than sink massive capital investment into platforms, which have a very short usable lifespan and often have similarly high operational and maintenance costs. To remain competitive, a modern organization must focus all of its effort and investment on developing products that are core to their business, not infrastructure and IT.

The Service Provider community strives to deliver this flexibility by removing the operational burden from their customers, all whilst empowering end user control, by allowing customers to dynamically request additional compute or storage, or providing a way to embed communications services into their business processes. Ultimately all of these software-defined products are now being controlled by APIs.

Today, Service Providers should consider APIs to be core to their product offering.  In fact the API might be the only interface a customer has any interaction with. Sure, delivering high-speed storage services or preventing the loss of sensitive information are key requirements, but enabling access for customers is paramount. Exposing these programmable windows of access opens a range of new requirements for Service Providers. API Management aims to solve all API delivery, lifecycle and security needs.

Join Alan Quayle and myself on March 24th at 11am Eastern to learn about the truth and lies of APIs and find out where Service Providers can realize new growth opportunity, extend service to new platforms and reach new channels and customers with a forward looking API strategy.

Ross Garrett is Director of Product Marketing for CA Layer 7 (Layer 7 was acquired by CA Technologies in June 2013) CA Technologies. He is responsible for market strategy and positioning of the Layer 7 & CA security portfolio, and drives solution marketing across various industry verticals.

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