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Three Reasons Why Every VAR Should Offer Disaster Recovery Solutions

Three Reasons Why Every VAR Should Offer Disaster Recovery Solutions

As a value-added reseller (VAR), small and midsize business clients depend on you to keep their systems up and running 24 hours per day. That’s why backup and disaster recovery software (BDR) is a must-have product offering.

BDR software is the cornerstone of any plan to keep a business in business, regardless of what happens. Here are three quick reasons why all VARs and other IT channel partners should offer backup and recovery software:

1. BDR software is a great way to build relationships.

Small businesses are looking for more than just a solutions provider that can sell them software. What they really need is a partner who can help them make the right technology decisions now and in the future. Backup and disaster recovery software is great jumping-off point for establishing trust and building that relationship.

Once your customers are up and running with BDR, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to check in with them. You can train customers on how to quickly recover files that have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. You can also help customers run disaster preparedness drills so they can keep the business running in the event of a fire, flood or snowstorm.

2. BDR software is easily bundled with other solutions.

A great way to increase profit margins is to bundle backup and disaster recovery solutions with your own services—such as installation, monitoring and maintenance—and with other IT solutions, such as antivirus software. Subscription-based cloud or hybrid backup and recovery can also provide a lucrative recurring revenue stream as well as opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. Bundling backup and recovery technology will help you become your customers’ single source for complete end-to-end IT solutions.

3. BDR software protects users from ransomware.

The cybercriminals responsible for ransomware viruses like CryptoWall and CryptoLocker do not care whom they victimize. Just ask the staff of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. The hospital was recently crippled by a ransomware attack that rendered digital files inaccessible and critical machines unusable. The hospital ended up paying a $17,000 ransom to regain access to IT systems. 

The right backup and disaster recovery strategy is the best insurance policy against ransomware. If a client using BDR falls victim to a ransomware attack, all you need to do is delete the infected files and restore clean versions from backup. That’s exactly how Lane & Hicks Computer Consulting saved one client’s files. The result? The client was happy, and Lane & Hicks looked like a hero.

Jessica Couto is Vice President of U.S. Channel Sales & Marketing at Carbonite, a provider of cloud and hybrid backup and disaster recovery solutions for small to midsize businesses. Learn about the benefits of partnering with Carbonite and apply to become a Carbonite Partner today.

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