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Thin Is In with Lenovo’s 91z All-in-One Desktop

Corporate America has had a love-hate relationship with all-in-one computers – although they love the idea of the small footprint of the all-in-one, they hate the fact that traditionally the machines are more expensive, difficult to service and don’t support additional monitors.

That was then, and this is now, with Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one desktop, offering the small footprint, flexibility and competitive price tag companies are looking for.

William Domenici, ThinkCentre brand team lead at Lenovo, offers more insights in this FastChat Video:

“This is out first endeavor on the desktop side taking our really successful design that we integrated into our ThinkPad Edge [notebook] … so it’s got a completely new aesthetic – a nice, clean, simple look,” said Domenici, For our partners we see it as a great bridge between a commercial and a consumer product because we’re definitely seeing the consumerization of a lot of the devices that are coming into businesses, so we see this appealing definitely in the small-to-medium-business arena as well as on up into the enterprise.”

The Edge 91z, which Lenovo debuted in May 2011, offers up to Intel i7 Quad Core processors, 8 GB of DDR3 memory, 80 GB of solid state-drive storage or a 1TB hard drive and optional 1GB of ATI discrete graphics, making it workhorse of a machine. Couple that performance with its footprint – the Edge 91z measures only 2.5 inches deep – and you’ve got an all-in-one ideal for space-challenged areas but perfect for just about any environment.

“We definitely see the Edge 91z, because of its visual appeal and clean look and design,  fitting well in, say, doctor’s offices, [but] obviously with the small footprint it works in any place where space is a premium,” Dominici said. “Education has been a place where definitely it’s important. Plus, it [can come with] 1GB discreet graphics and so we see it appealing as well to graphic designers because of the additional graphics support.”

Lenovo resellers that traditionally have sold desktops and laptops may want to take a look at the Edge 91z and the all-in-one market in general – a market that Lenovo has seen grow 54 percent year over year in the commercial space.

“We’ve gotten past some of the issues that historically all-in-ones have had in business: they weren’t serviceable – our all-in-ones are serviceable; they didn’t support external monitors; they were a lot more expensive than a traditional desktop and monitor combined,” Dominici said. “We’ve been able to get past those issues and really address those pain points for our customers. With that said, we see the market growing and growing.”

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