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A Socially Influenced Customer Experience

A Socially Influenced Customer Experience

According to Forrester Research, there are 500 billion impressions U.S. customers make on one another about products and services each year. In light of this, brands are increasingly losing control of their brand message due to the fact that consumers have so much control on social.

Is your company doing all that it can to leverage social media for business? Keeping customers satisfied by listening to what they’re saying and generating insights from those conversations? Are you creating compelling content that gets engagement, likes and shares? Successful organizations use social channels not only to provide better customer service but also to uncover qualified sales leads.

Unified enterprise solutions

Oracle has been paving the way with unified enterprise solutions for some time now—and we’re not just about how social can help you grow. Oracle is the premier company that can deliver a full suite of CX cloud capabilities to manage an entire customer experience lifecycle. From better social insights and better content to social customer service and social sales, the Oracle Social Cloud is helping companies positively influence their brands’ message, thus creating a positive customer journey by building authentic relationships on social.

Continued Innovation

Oracle’s social innovation continued at Oracle OpenWorld this year, where Oracle Social Cloud unveiled impressive new features and highlights that will continue to help brands through the customer journey lifecycle. Among the announcements made were:

  • New Oracle social commerce capabilities: Integration enables organizations to deliver hypertargeted content to segmented audiences on Facebook;
  • Social data: Delivers categorization and enrichment of unstructured social and enterprise data, providing unprecedented intelligence on customers, competitors and market trends;
  • Expanded social station capabilities: New Oracle Social Station, an innovative workspace inside of SRM, provides enhanced customer visibility coupled with the agility of real-time reporting to further prove the value of social.

There’s no denying that consumers control brand messaging more than ever, and there is very little organizations can do to stop it. But what Oracle can do is help your organization take better hold of it.


Joel Borellis

Joel Borellis is group vice president, Partner Enablement at Oracle. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy’s annual sponsorship. Read all of Oracle’s guest blogs here.

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