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Sales BYTES Satisfy Appetite for Virtualization Sales Education

Sales BYTES Satisfy Appetite for Virtualization Sales Education

Partners are often told how great a product or solution is, but not always educated on how to best sell it. Not only do they need the right education, they need to do it quickly and they need easy access to the resources that will help drive greater profitability.

VMware has recently introduced a new enablement program—Sales BYTES—to help partners gain the confidence they need to talk to customers about VMware virtualization solutions. Based on VMware’s proven sales methodology, these Sales BYTES provide the relevant content partner reps need to confidently talk to customers about a VMware solution in 30 minutes or less. The package includes:

  • a pre-recorded WebEx training module providing a quick overview of the virtualization sales process
  • supporting presentation to leverage for customer pitches
  • a quick reference value prompter
  • a prospecting guide to address key questions and potential sales motions
  • copy to leverage for customer pre and post engagement communications
  • a rewards/incentive summary to get on top of the latest customer promotions and partner incentives.

On top of all of this, it’s all packaged simply so that partners can gain quick access to the content they need, when they need it.

Each quarter VMware will be releasing a new BYTE. The first two Sales BYTES were released in December and are focused on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR): one for new customers (“Improve BCDR with VMware Virtualization”) and one for existing customers (“Virtualization Expansion for BCDR”). More Sales BYTES will be released throughout 2013.

VMware is making it easy for partners to get up to speed and effectively sell virtualization. For more information on VMware’s Sales BYTES you can reach me via Twitter at @chrisbwaldo.

Chris Waldo is VMware's Director Channel Marketing. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of Talkin' Cloud's annual platinum sponsorship.

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