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Reaffirming Symantec’s Commitment to the Channel

Reaffirming Symantec’s Commitment to the Channel

Over the past two years, our company has become very partner-focused, understanding the need for a strong channel strategy and partner ecosystem. We’ve focused on delivering higher-value solutions that solve customer business problems better than anyone else, and we’ve made changes so it’s easier for our partners to do business with us. Overall, we’ve helped advance our channel agenda tremendously and influenced the recent changes to our partner incentive program and strategy.

We at Symantec are committed to reaching our future goals together with our partners. Our team believes the partner ecosystem will continue to be the top lever for Symantec’s growth. The investment in our partners is bigger than it’s ever been, and we’re planning to provide additional resources and rewards so our partners can continue to succeed. We’re moving forward with a channel-first strategy and rolling out our redesigned Partner Program this year.

Partners will be the key to this continued transformation. In addition to opening new markets and driving growth, our partners help to deliver an improved customer experience, as they’re often closer to the end customer and deliver services on our behalf. Increasingly, our partners also serve as our trusted advisers, as we rely on partners to help us adjust and evolve with new market trends. With the rise of mobility and BYOD, and the explosion of Big Data and movement toward the cloud, partners ensure that we’re meeting the specific and complex needs of our customers through integrated solutions.

As technology trends evolve, cybercriminals are adapting to the changing threat landscape and defining new attack strategies. Customers will need a trusted adviser to help them navigate these new threats. Companies responsible for protecting information such as Symantec also will need to stay one step ahead of the attackers, and we won’t be able to do this alone. As we’ve done in the past, we’ll look to our partners to join us on this journey, and together work toward achieving the best possible customer experience.

John Eldh is vice president, channel sales, Americas, Symantec. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy's annual platinum sponsorship.

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